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Nice app...but!

I really wish instead of jumbling all the different things you rate under the journal if it were categorized under the particular thing you rated. Like when you press movies, all your ratings were there for movies. Also listing them alphabetically might be nice. Cool app though, thanks! (^_^)

Almost there

I really enjoy using this from day to day, particularly appreciate the different rating scales. A search function would make it even better.

Pretty cool app

It's nice to be able to see your own thoughts on different things. This is a great place to keep your notes on your likes and dislikes (& other notes) + your own ratings of different things from products to places.

Pretty Good, But Basic

Works well, and it's nice to be able to rate things, since I'm always forgetting what I watched, read, and thought. It could use just a couple of tweaks. First, a way to filter the ratings by type, so only books, or only movies. Second, a way to search by title. Third, for the app to remember which rating system was last used and default to that. Aside from those things, this app is great. :)

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